We work on behalf of our artists to ensure that the work they create is rewarded in an efficient and precise way

At Publishing Scope Music we strongly believe in the democratization of music. That is why, we offer our artists Copyright protection through Blockchain cetificates, continuous training, and a strong community of artists where they can meet, grow and collaborate together. In addition, we offer Booking and Digital Marketing. We’re mainly focus but not limited to music licensing (TV, film, advertising, video games and other media).

Our Business Lines

Music Publishing

We work on behalf of our artists to ensure that the work they create is rewarded in an efficient and precise way. We use blockchain technology to timestamp our artists works.

We have sub-publishing agreements in North America, Latin America, UK, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Our catalog is expanding rapidly with composers and songwriters from different parts of the world in different languages, genres and moods.

Music Licensing

We license music for all types of projects:

Cinema, TV series, advertising, video games, theatrical plays, corporate branding, radio- online, digital platforms, SPA’s, performance sports, department stores and mobile apps.

Be it bespoke music or music of independent artists from all over the world our repertoire includes:

Original classic, pop, rock, jazz, blues, urban, hip-hop, EDM and alternative punk. We also cover sound-effects and 8D sounds / music.


We have partnered with booking agencies and promoters to arrange live performances for the artists in our roster for corporate events, private parties, weddings, public concerts and festivals around the world.


Publishing Scope assisted me to compose and select the perfect music. I specially remember “Desolado” which was created for the assembly of the play that I directed: “Welded” by Eugene O'Neill in 2017.

Francisco Vallejo
Actor, Director​, and Acting Coach
First class passionate composers at Publishing Scope. Aleix is a great musician, responsive and professional. His music is really innovative and refreshing. His musical emotional highs and lows reflect a fusion of sensitivity and adventure. Aleix takes you on a wonderful journey.
Thanks Publishing Scope. Highly recommended!
Ana Rubio-Serrano
Storyteller & Author
Aleix scored two short films I directed and I was very impressed with his work. He's talented, professional, committed and responsive. Working with him was a pleasure and I look forward to future collaborations.

Actor, Writer, Voice Artist, Director
My experience creating with Aleix was really wonderful. He succeed to write the perfect music landscape for a guided meditation. His music has been essential for the development of an expanded mental visualization full of light and peace.
Thank you so much Publishing Scope!
Paulina Soto Oliver
Actress, healer and Thetahealer.

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